Tent Specifications

Even though your event may last only a few days, the last thing that you want to be concerned with is your guests comfort in their sleeping quarters.  Our professional grade tents are made to withstand even the harshest of elements and can even be lived in throughout the year if necessary.  Rest assured - the rain, wind or even snow won't dampen your party.  

So easy a baby could do it...

So easy a baby could do it...

Bell Tent Features:

  • Simple 20 minute set-up (if you are inclined to take this easy project upon yourself)
  • 100% waterproof & mold resistant natural cotton canvas (10.6oz)
  • Heavy duty rip proof and waterproof zip-in & out PVC ground sheet (17.6oz)
  • Bug-netted secondary doors behind outer doors and screened windows  
  • 24 inch lower sidewalls include bug netting so that you can unzip  and roll-up canvas to create maximum airflow around the entire tent during warm days and nights.
  • Screened ceiling vents allow for even more airflow
  • Tents can accommodate up to 2 queen beds, 3 twin beds, or 8 sleeping bags (or just one queen bed and lots of glamping gear!)

Bell Tent Dimension Specs:

  • Radius:  16 feet (5M)*
  • Floor Space:   209 sq. feet.
  • Height: 10 feet (in center)
  • Door Height:  5'6" (A-frame)
  • Weight:  90 pounds

*We suggest providing a 20 foot clear for each tent to allow for the guy lines and posts to secure each rental tent to the ground.

Tent Glamping Configurations

Free your mind and design your dream glamping tent layout with your own furnishing and accessories.  Otherwise, we can work with you to create the right look and comfort to fit your vision.  Here are some popular configurations for consideration: 

Glamping tent rental configuration

Cozy Couple: For the two-some that is looking forward to a private retreat

  • Queen Mattress + Sitting Chairs + Rugs + End Tables + Lanterns  

Family-Style: Bringing the kiddos to get down

  • Queen Mattress +  Camping Cot(s) and/or portable crib +  Rugs + End Tables + Lanterns

Simple-Style:  Skip the glamp and let me camp

  • 2-4 extra long military cots + bedding + Lanterns

Lounges (adult or children):  Just chill - not a sleeping quarters

  • Plush Floor Cushions or Chairs or Sofa + Rugs + End Tables + Lanterns

Other Brilliance:

  • Supply Room:  Complete with shelving
  • Children's Sleep over palace:  Ready for 7 of your child's closest friends