Why? A little story, 'bout us:

We were on a whirlwind, poor as a pauper, tour around the world, having traditional noodles in Bangkok. We were wayward gypsies, relishing the freedom and curiosity that comes with careening through culture after culture. We were young, in love, leaning on each other. Through this journey, we realized that happiness, joy, compassion, the real good sh!$, comes when you take the time to be together. To laugh and love.

Let's keep doing that as much as we can whenever we can. We will call it our "Life inTents"!

Well, all the above comes when you gather with friends and family to celebrate, to be, to talk, to dance. Best to do it in a tent. An awesome tent. With awesome people. And pass it along.

Serving Oregon, Washington, and San Diego:
Corvallis, Albany, Salem, Eugene, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, San Diego and beyond.