Loop: Oregon Surfing Itinerary

If you've come here to paddle out and get wet off of the coast of Oregon, we love you!  Below is an Oregon surfing itinerary to help you get started in planning your Oregon road trip up and down the Oregon coast.  More great surfing tips can be found here at www.OregonSurf.com.  


From Corvallis (A), head south through the valley to the Florence South Jetty (B) to grab your first waves.  If the waves aren't firing there, then head south and set up base around Coos Bay (C).  From Coos you will have plenty of coast to scope out - Bandon Dunes is a must.   From here, start north with your sites on Newport (D).  While driving, keep your eyes peeled near Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint, Yachats, and Waldport for some decent breaks (and campsites).  From there you will want to stay in Pacific City (E) and for a couple of sessions.  As you head further north, check out the waves in Manzanita, Oregon (F) but stay in Cannon Beach (G) for a few nights.  While there, you must check out the great surf town of Seaside, and also make sure to check out, or even stay at, Fort Stevens State Park (F).   And of course since you made it here, jet up to Astoria, home of The Goonies.