Tent & Event FAQs

Are the tents weatherproof? 

Very much so!  The bell tents can be used in all 4 seasons – through rain, snow and sleet.  They can even hold strong in winds up to 60 mph.  You are sure to remain dry!

Will you ship the tents to us for our use?

We certainly will if you are interested.  We would simply ask that you also cover the shipping and handling.

How much ground space does a tent occupy?

Each tent will require a flat, 20 foot radius in order to be set-up

Do you have bathroom solutions?

We don't rent these out ourselves, but can certainly point you in the right direction.

Can you help with managing our guest reservations?

Of course! We can can create a complimentary custom page for your event that you can direct your guests to, and populate the page with event details and payment options (if necessary).

Do you have a brochure that I print and show off to some peeps offline?

We sure do!  The brochure is right HERE

VW Van Rental FAQs

How can I get to you from the PDX airport?

 There are several great ways to get to the rental van in Corvallis. 

  • Take a shuttle directly from PDX: either  HUT Shuttle or Oregon Express  
  • Take a one-way rental with Enterprise.  They sometimes have amazing rate.
  • Take the Greyhound bus.
  • Get lucky.  There is a very small chance that we are on your same PDX travel schedule, so feel free to ask.

Where do I leave my car when I rent the campervan?

We are in a very safe neighborhood and most of our guests simply leave their vehicle on the street during their campervan rental adventure.

What kind of gas does the VW Eurovan require?

Great question!  It requires premium gas to give it the performance that you will want during your road trip adventure.

Do I need insurance with the VW campervan rental?

Insurance is taken care of by booking through Outdoosy.com.  They do a quick DMV check and then include insurance coverage for us both.

 Will I be comfortable sleeping at night? 

We furnish Blue with a plush mattress pad, comforter, and pillows – so if you like that kind of stuff, then you will be comfortable.   Unfortunately the A.C. and heater from the van can’t run at night though.  However we do offer a portable propane heater that could be used if necessary, and several screened windows can be open to help with airflow during warm evenings.

Do you offer one-way rentals?

Unfortunately not.  Pick-up and drop off will need to take place in Corvallis, Oregon

Can I take the VW Eurovan out of state?

We limit the travel radius to Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.  125 miles of travel is included per rental day. Incremental mileage is charged at a rate of $0.50 per mile over the mileage allotment at the end of your trip.

Vintage RV Rental FAQs

What are my vehicle requirements for towing the Brave Little Toaster with my vehicle?

A trailer hitch for sure.  But you will also need a 6-way wiring adapter too.  A special bonus if you have a brake controller installed!  On top of this, you will want to ensure that your vehicle has a tow rating of at least 2,000 pounds. 

Do I need insurance when renting the RV?

Insurance is taken care of by booking through Outdoosy.com.  They do a quick DMV check and then include insurance coverage for us both.

Will you deliver the RV to our location?

We can do so within 15 miles for free.  Let’s discuss if you are outside of this range.

Does the RV rental have a bathroom?

Sorry, there is not a toilet on board.  But we will include some TP if nature calls and you are not near facilities.

Is there a refrigerator on board?

The 1963 Aloha has something even more interesting – a build in ice box.  Simply insert an ice block and the baby will remain cool for a couple of days!  We can also include a cooler for a small fee if want extra space.