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Ways To Heat A Canvas Tent - The Best Tent Stoves
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September 16, 2021 3 min read

The Best Canvas Tent Stoves

Get ready to be comfy cozy in your canvas tent! Canvas bell tents like our Fernweh and Stella are constructed from waterproof and fire-resistant DoekTec™ canvas, engineered for durability and all-season comfort. As the outdoor temperatures begin to drop, you can safely raise the temperature inside to create a hot tent. One of the best ways to heat a canvas tent is with a wood stove. So we've pulled together a roundup of what we think are the best canvas tent stoves. 


two people and a dog sit outside a canvas tent that has a wood stove piping smoke out the top
*Life inTents canvas bell tents are CPAI-84 compliant 


First and foremost, it is imperative that your canvas tent be safely configured for a wood stove. DO NOT JUST PLOP A STOVE IN YOUR TENT AND MAKE A FIRE. We probably don't need to say that here, but just in case, please make sure that your canvas tent is compatible for a wood stove before actually using one inside your tent.  

a proper ceiling hole in a canvas tent for venting a wood stove pipe


Winner winner goes to Winnerwell's Woodlander Double-View Tent Stove. We love this one the MOST for our canvas bell tents. We love it so much that we've added it to our online shop, bundled up with the essentials so you have everything you need to heat your tent.

weight: 33.7 lbs
stove pipe diameter: 3.5" Straight pipe, 4.7" Triple Wall Heat Protector
stove dimensions (assembled): 25” x 25.5” x 109” (134.5” with pipe and protector) 
material: 304 Stainless Steel
firebox capacity: 1500 cubic inches (18” stove body depth nicely accommodates split wood)
details: We love the Winnerwell's Woodlander Double-View Tent Stove the most because of all the things, including its fun-to-say name. We love the three windows that let us peep in on the glowing fire. We love the portability and interior capacity. We love the cooktop and the easy-to-clean and easy-on-the eyes stainless steel (seriously, this stove is gorgeous). We love how well it works at heating a canvas tent! This tent stove gets our 5-star vote.

Winnerwell double view tent stove


Want something smaller? Want something other than a shiny steel finish? Want a flat top instead of side racks? Want ... options? You got it. Here are 5 other favorites that we're happy to include in our list of best tent stoves.

Gstove Heat View XL Camping Stove

weight: 24 lbs
stove pipe diameter: unlisted
stove dimensions (assembled): 8.66”W (14.17" with side racks) x 19.7”L x 102”H (with pipe) 
material: Stainless Steel
firebox capacity: unlisted
details: Gstove is a family-owned company that hails from Norway, a place known for its snow and heart-shaped waffles, and for knowing a thing or two about how to keep warm. We trust these folks to build a durable, reliable wood stove, and would gladly warm our hands and heat our coffee on a Gstove!

a stainless steel wood burning tent stove

Colorado Cylinder Stove

weight: 42 lbs
stove pipe diameter: 4-7/8" pipe hole diameter
stove dimensions (assembled): 24"L x 14"W x 11"H
material: heavy 10 and 12 gauge steel
firebox capacity: 1.6 cubic feet
details: A cool feature with the Colorado Cylinder Stove is the optional hot water tank! With a wood fire popping the water will be hot in no time in the stainless steel hot water tank that's welded to the side. It includes a lead free brass water faucet so you can have potable water, anywhere.

a black steel hot tent stove


Four Dog DX Camp Stove

weight: 55 lbs
stove pipe diameter: 5"
stove dimensions (assembled): 15 1/2”W x 12 3/8 “H x 24”L
material: Welded heavy-gauge (13 and 10) hot rolled steel, painted black with high-temp stove paint
firebox capacity: 2.47 cubic feet
details: At 2.47 cubic feet, the Four Dog Stove has plenty of interior space to keep the fires burning all through the night. Suitable for wood or charcoal, and a lifetime guarantee against burn out (wish we could get the same guarantee for humans! ba-dum-dum-tss!).

boxy black wood stove with side tank for hot water 

Denali Jr.

weight: 56 lbs
stove pipe diameter: 5"
stove dimensions (assembled): 25" H x 13 1/4" W x 22 1/2" L
material: 10 and 12 Gauge Steel
firebox capacity: unlisted
details: Basic and burly, the Denali Jr. will get the job done for heating a tent. Get yours built-to-order with optional hot water tank or table.

a boxy black wood tent stove

Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Cooking System

weight: 74lbs (total)
stove pipe diameter: 5"
stove dimensions (assembled): 24" D x 20" W x 22 1/4" H
material: 10-12 gauge stainless steel
firebox capacity: 1.67 cubic feet 
details: CampChef is always pretty reliable when it comes to all things camp-chef related, and what's more camp-chef relatable than a wood stove?! The Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Cooking System is more than a delicious mouthful, it's a a classic in terms of form and function for a tent stove. 

a classic cylindrical tent stove made of painted black stainless steel


Kelli Martinelli
Kelli Martinelli

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